Vocabulary Builders

January 2017

When I joined Robb Research Ltd in August 2016 as a Software Developer, my first task was to create a series of word puzzle apps to get to grips with the processes involved in app development. These apps were made in the Unity engine and targeted Android and iOS devices.

Junior Word Puzzles is an app developed to encourage children to widen their vocabulary and increase their spelling ability. It introduces them to frequent words in the English language using simple word puzzles. 

The task required me to implement a variety of game modes using a pre-approved word list. The themes included in the app mirror a standard foreign language course, chosen for their recognition and usability.

Most game modes task the player with identifying a word from a picture or unscrambling a jumbled word. For more challenging puzzles, the player can attempt to make as many words from a character set as possible and play a Hangman style game.

The second app in the series was Vocabulary Builder German, specially created for children to develop their German vocabulary and confidence when speaking and writing.

I created this app in parallel with Junior Word Puzzles to introduce children to German or widen their German vocabulary using simple learning techniques and word puzzles.

The puzzles and games mirror those found in Junior Word Puzzles, focusing on word gender. As this is critical to the German language, the definite article accompanies every noun.

Both apps’ standout feature is the scoring system, which tracks each word the user has used in the background. The user can access the word list to help build their confidence, and teachers and parents can also use it to monitor the user’s progress.