May 2014

During my second year of study, I created this game prototype as part of an in-depth assignment on design processes. My overall goal was to design and document a simple game that included a tutorial, a handful of levels and a working leaderboard system.

I aimed to achieve the assignment goals by demonstrating the concept, design and implementation for a game prototype, from conception to completion. I decided to create a scrolling shooter game as I needed the project to have an underlying simplistic mechanic that I could expand on.

The player controls an aircraft and can move left and right within the playable area's fixed length. Each level aims to make it to the end zone, flying through rings and collecting power-ups to achieve the highest score.

I created all of the 3D models and effects required for this project and Alfie Morris composed all of the music used in the game. Each level has it's own audio track which influences the speed of the game and the placement of rings, power-ups and obstacles.

Unavoidable walls must be destroyed by the player, firing the ship's rockets. Wall-mounted turrets actively shoot the player, requiring them to perform evasive movements.

I implemented a leaderboard API to send and receive user scores. All scores are publically viewable on the global leaderboards, accessible from the level selection user interface.