High Frequency Words 2

April 2018

High Frequency Words 2 is the first app that I designed and created solely during my employment as a Software Developer with Robb Research Ltd.

The app's principal objective was to encourage children to improve their essential vocabulary through play, based on the theory that learning is most effective when it's subtle and delivered through enjoyable means.

I implemented multiple game modes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting. I designed these to be approachable and provide a gentle way to reinforce vocabulary development.

High Frequency Words 2 is the first commercial app to utilise my Modular Framework for Unity, which served as its structural base. I designed each game mode to retrieve local JSON word lists and respond to the content, which meant that we could implement further development and manageable word changes in the future if desired.

I created the app in Unity to expedite easy deployment on a range of devices. I was able to add a wide variety of gameplay mechanics with Unity.

As the app's target audience was younger children, I used the native speech-to-text functionality of the target devices to facilitate the user speaking into their device to answer specific questions.

I also outlined the app's style, choosing a micro garden asset pack to serve as the backdrop of the game. I chose this package as it was visually appealing and distinct from similar apps in the market. I also hoped that it would communicate the app's value to teachers, parents, and guardians looking for a smart educational app for their students and children.