Gooseberry Planet - WordPress

March 2019

Gooseberry Planet required a sales and blogging website to run adjacent to their content management system. There were two main requirements for this website, to provide potential customers with valuable information on the Gooseberry Planet product and also to supply the whole school community with updates and alerts relating to child safety online.

I decided to develop this website using WordPress, Astra and the Elementor plugin. Astra is a highly customisable theme that supports Elementor, which allowed me to produce responsive pixel-perfect pages. The front-end interface meant that I could rapidly iterate on the design.

I created templates for repeating elements to keep the design consistent. It also means that I can update these templates and have the changes be applied easily across the whole site. I created a custom WordPress plugin to include AgileCRM forms for signing up for free trials and the weekly newsletters.

WordPress proved ideal for the publishing of weekly categorised blog posts. I used the WordPress API to fetch the latest blog posts and display them on the platform to drive traffic to each post.

Alerts contain practical e-safety tips and information on trending technology. I use the Email Subscribers plugin to create sign up forms, which send email notifications when a new Alert post is published.

I use the Postmark plugin for WordPress which overrides wp_mail to send emails through Postmark. As I use Postmark for handling all outgoing emails on the platform, this reduces both cost and technical debt.

Emails sent from the WordPress website get sorted into a separate message stream for ease of use. Postmark tracks which emails we have sent in the last 30 days, their delivery status and also includes open tracking and tracked links.

Gooseberry Planet - Platform

The Gooseberry Planet platform offers students a way to learn and engage with safeguarding content at school and home using game-based learning. I architectured and implemented a full-stack solution for their platform using Amazon Web Services technologies to provide a reliable, scalable and cost-effective service.