A Day With A Difference

October 2017

The Unit11 team initially designed and created this app before the company employed me. The team developed it using standard web technologies and Cordova to allow for cross-platform mobile development. I was assigned to recreate them using the Unity engine after the release of iOS 11 caused compatibility issues.

I fundamentally rewrote the structure and code of these apps for the Unity version, leaving the artwork and audio mostly unchanged. I did need to replace or redesign some artwork to look better on higher resolution devices. I made sure that the improved art matched the original style where possible. The new version was released as a free update for existing customers and is now available for purchase on the iTunes store.

A Day With A Difference is an app designed to introduce children to comparatives through an interactive storybook, and teach them the key comparatives they learn in their first year of school.

The game introduces comparatives to the child throughout the story, followed by short games that compound their learning. The gameplay aims to reinforce these ideas through play to help the child learn and remember the topics in a fun and engaging manner.

I implemented a two-player mode to play against the computer or another player on one device. The game draws two cards and then randomly picks a comparative for the round.

The players must decide which one of the cards matches the comparative and press the arrow button underneath it. The child can select the difficulty level for games against the computer, which changes the AI's reaction time.