Cursed Crypts

August 2020

Cursed Crypts is a Tower Defence game created for Kenney Jam 2020. The jam tasked applicants with creating a game over three days using only game assets made by Kenney.

As the jam's theme was Cursed, I used the modular Graveyard Kit to create 3D environments. I used the Tower Defense Kit to represent the three different tower types, and the Animated Characters pack for the enemies which included an animated and rigged model and animations.

Three types of enemies can spawn during the waves differentiated by their outline colour. The enemies gradually become faster and harder to kill as the game progresses.

I created the game in Unity and exported the final build to WebGL for submission. WebGL was planned from the start as submissions that are playable in the browser are more accessible and favoured during the reviewing process. This target platform meant it was essential to optimise the game by implementing object pooling and reducing destroyed objects.

Players earn coins for killing enemies, harder to kill enemies are worth more! The player can spend these coins on more turrets and curses.

The game includes three different defence tower types that cost varying amounts of money to place:

  • The cheapest turret tower shoots a bullet projectile when enemies are in range, these target one enemy at a time and can be easily overwhelmed. 

  • The average cost turret tower functions similarly to a catapult, launching a projectile at an area that spreads damage across all enemies in range. 

  • The most expensive turret tower fires a lightning bolt at a single enemy and then checks for other enemies in range to chain the damage through.

The player loses a life when an enemy reaches the crypt at the end of the path. The game will end when the crypt health reaches zero.

The player can curse (upgrade) tower instances a maximum of three times to modify their parameters. These effects stack and can be combined to create exciting defence strategies for the player. There are three total curses that the player can apply to tower turrets:

  • Double a turret towers target range to hit enemies from a further distance.

  • Double the output damage of a turret tower.

  • Double the firing speed of a turret tower to fire projectiles faster.