CryEngine Street Prototype

January 2013

I decided that it would be beneficial to get to grips with some different game engines before studying at Plymouth University. I created this scene to experiment with parallax mapping in CryEngine 3. I sourced the audio for the video below from The player model, rain and light assets are included in CryEngine.

Working on the environment gave me a good insight into managing different mapping techniques and how to bring a scene together. The pavement in this scene is a flat plane with no additional geometry. The applied material employs parallax occlusion mapping to create the raised surfaces for each brick based on a heightmap.

I used specular maps to make the windows behave like reflective glass when designing the buildings. I used emissive maps for the store signs to make them glow and create the reflections seen on the building's side and the pavement.

I consider this prototype a success because I was familiar with these concepts when I started developing more complex prototypes during my bachelor's degree.