Champion Math

April 2019

The Unit11 team initially designed and created this app before the company employed me. The team developed it using standard web technologies and Cordova to allow for cross-platform mobile development.

RobbResearch Ltd assigned me to recreate them using the Unity engine after NetEase's education subsidiary Youdao selected these apps for release in the Chinese app market.

I fundamentally rewrote the structure and code of these apps for the Unity version, leaving the artwork and audio mostly unchanged. As Apple hadn't released higher resolution devices at the original publication time, I did need to replace some low-resolution artwork. I designed the improved art to match the look of the original where possible.

Champion Math is an app developed to help children of all ages build confidence with their mathematical knowledge. The app includes addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. The user can select one table to learn at a time or any number of tables to test your knowledge.

The player speed multiplies the parallax effect speed on the background layers, encouraging the player to run at maxiumum speed for the full effect.

One of the key challenges with this app was designing a way to always keep at least two other racers on the screen at any time.

After early testing of the app, I realised that I needed a mechanic to keep the child engaged in the full race if they answered precisely and charged forward or required more practice and dropped behind.

I implemented this system by monitoring the player speed and adjusting the speed modifier of a random selection of AI racers to make sure the races were always tight.

Level parameters are stored in JSON. This level structure meant the generic race scene could be populated with different graphics and repeated throughout the game.

I utilised my generic modular system for user accounts to store multiple accounts and individual progress on the same device. Users can pick from ten avatars, which removes that character from the pool of competing runners.

A wide range of existing skill levels is accommodated for as the user can select between easy, medium, hard and elite challenges across addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.