3D Art & Design

September 2012

My introduction to games development was through 3D Art & Design. I studied Creative Media Production at Carshalton College from 2010 to 2012 and graduated with a D*DD BTEC Level 3 Extended Diploma. I created many game-ready 3D environments during the course, which led me to explore game engines such as Unity and CryEngine. These experiments started my passion for games development and systems engineering.

Isometric Power Plant Environment

I designed this environment to serve as the playground for an isometric stealth game. The game would employ a low-poly aesthetic to imply simplicity. The above image is a texture-less render of the introduction area of the game.

This area would have served to give the player ample time to get used to the movement and controls before venturing into the power plant. The inspiration for this came from a post I read from the Gnomon School on low poly design.

Fantasy Village Environment

One of the first game ready areas I designed was the village scene shown above. It was created during a modelling assignment to produce an environment based on an original idea. My idea was to make the backdrop for a community-based game in which the player would befriend the locals and perform various tasks for them. The river would also allow the player to fish from the bridge which may have yielded rewards and treasures.

Inspired by the chunky low poly geometry used in World of Warcraft (Blizzard), the house and tavern models gain their distinctive appearance from the unusual thick rooftops that curve up on either side, counterbalanced by the thinning sloping walls that run towards the base. As a point of interest, the tavern was made distinctive by increasing the geometry's size and angles. I then added the sign, lantern and additional window to develop the visual distinction.

The tavern and house models were the first models I UV mapped and textured. I decided to go with a snowy theme to experiment with contrasting cold and bleak colours with the interiors' warm cosy glow, visually attracting the players towards the buildings to seek shelter from the hostile landscape.

I created the textures in Photoshop to test my skills at emulating the hand-drawn style that Blizzard employs in World of Warcraft. I wanted to create a textured model that wouldn't feel out of place within their game.

Low Poly Forest Environment

I designed and created this environment to test the improved rendering processes within the Unity engine. It was part of a game prototype in which you controlled a logger who lived there. The game would have tasked the player with carrying out the loggers daily routine until a discovery would force them to leave their safe area of the woods and explore what lies deeper. I designed and mapped the models using Autodesk Maya and then created the textures in Photoshop.

Windmill Model Cloth Test

I created this model to experiment with the nCloth system within Autodesk Maya and submit to one of my 3D modelling assignments at college. In the final render the blades spin around which causes the cloth to hang and drape accordingly.